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What is 3-Cs Technology?
A Modular Approach
Fabrication Examples
Manufacturing Process


3-Cs concepts : Manufacturing Process


Manufacturing Process


In the proposed manufacturing process the cylindrical former is shuttled between different chambers for each process step. 

To download a video showing the manufacturing process click on this link:  (AVI : 32MB)

The video should play in a separate window.  If you have any problems viewing this video, right click on the link, select "Save Target As" and save the video to a folder on your PC.  When the download has completed, navigate to this folder, double click on the video (3cs_final_lq.avi) and the video will play in a separate window.


The cylinder moves between vacuum chambers for each process step.

The first step involves texturing the cylinder.

In the second step high temperature superconductor and gold layers are deposited. In the third step superconducting tracks are patterned using, for example, laser scribing or etching of the superconducting layer.