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What is 3-Cs Technology?
A Modular Approach
Fabrication Examples
Manufacturing Process


3-Cs concepts : A Modular Approach


System implications of “Modular Approach”

  • Volume manufacturing of standard parts will give significant cost benefits

  • Lower systems development costs using “standardised modules”

  • Highly reproducible performance from standard “building blocks”

  • Built-in protection devices will operate within each module - easy replacement

  • Integrated refrigeration and easily modelled thermal characteristics

  • Potential for integrated manufacturing methods for electrical machines


  • Multi-module SMES unit – options for connecting a SMES “array”

  • Multi-module motors and generators – with easily replaced elements

  • Linear array of modules to form linear motors for traction systems

  • Modular FCL systems with variable load level and recovery options depending on connection scheme


Proposed single layer test structure – for a step-up transformer in this case. Similar structures could be used to demonstrate FCL devices (resistive and inductive), SMES modules and a linear motor module